Create the foyer you want…

4 tips for creating a gorgeous foyer

1. Try painting your foyer a different colour from the rooms adjacent to it. Warm colours appear inviting and cool tones can create a calming space.  A scrubbable paint is perfect for foyers and hallways, when people come into your home they usually lean against the wall and take their shoes off.  Try our Aura paint in either an eggshell or matte finish.

2. Lighting is very important in the entrance way, make sure there is adjustable brightness. Not extremely bright, but well lit and welcoming. For a big dose of drama and high style opt for wallpaper and a large lighting fixture that makes a statement.  A very important touch is to always add a plant of some kind, to bring in oxygen and new energy. Keep this room always feeling fresh.

3. Hang large mirrors, this will give you a preview of rooms to come by reflecting attractive features of an adjacent room.  They will also increase the space and reflect light.  We have some amazing mirrors, come into our store today and check out our decor items.

4. Create a Wall of Life, you could display a gallery wall of artwork, photographs or showcase a beautiful piece of artwork/sculpture on a foyer table.

Featured Business…Terra Painting Services

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.29.56 AM

André Terra has been in Paint and Decorating business for over 10 years. He knows everything in regards to products and finishes. Matte, all the way through to High Gloss, he also knows when and where to use them.

With his laid back attitude and amazing attention to detail, he is the guy you want painting your home.

Click here to get a quote from Terra Painting Services.

Attached are a few photos showcasing his recent work. From prep, painting and exterior.







For more info visit Terra Painting Services website.

Q & A: My Kitchen Needs A Paint Makeover

Question: I can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars on my kitchen, but it needs help! Not only a paint job (even thought I love the colour), but it needs more storage and counter space. The room is much larger than it looks in the photo, it’s about 15’x22′. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Catharine

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 5.49.08 PMHi Catharine, Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to update your kitchen. We suggest painting the cabinets, walls and using a coral red as accents only.  New flooring and a larger island with painted cabinets will improve storage and counters space also.


Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 7.53.57 PM



  • To maximize storage and counter space, we suggest getting a large island installed, your kitchen definitely has the space for it. We would then match the counter to existing and paint the cabinets to match the other cabinets or as mentioned above in black.


  • We love the idea of a hardwood, engineered hardwood or vinyl plank flooring in a gray driftwood tone.


  • Since you already show to love coral red, lets use that as accents throughout the space (Benjamin Moore AF-280 Salsa Dancing).


Voila, just an example of how thrifty a room can be with the use of colour, paint and a little creativity :)

Do you have a design question for us?

Send questions to with the subject “designer advice”.

An Inspired Nursery

We just love the colour combination used in this nursery designed by Cathy Green Interiors. It’s fresh, colourful and fun. It’s also surprisingly gender neutral as well.

For similar paint colours, stop by our store for suggestions!


CSP-110 Vintage Pewter


This classic gray CSP-110 Vintage Pewter  is one of our favourites.

It’s neutral enough to go with almost anything and warm enough to bring new life to almost any space.



Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.34.42 AM


A fresh Summery Blue


We love this summery paint job, these cabinets got a fresh overhaul by being painted out 2058-30 Deep Ocean by Benjamin Moore.



We love the idea of painting a floor in this deep ocean blue too!

Painting Nightstands

We love when our customers share their DIY projects with us…this nightstand got a make over with Benjamin Moore Advance Paint Pearl finish in CC-30 Oxford White







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