a calming palette for a basement

Choosing paint colours for a basement seems to be a frequently asked question at our store.  We thought we would share this colour palette because it’s calming, timeless and neutral.

By painting the walls a nice soft gray/taupe (try Hc-172), there is only a soft contrast with the painted millwork/brick wall that is a warm white (try OC-117).  This tone on tone effect visually creates a larger space, and softens the look more than just using one tone of off white.

There is a focal wall painted in a gray/blue tone (try 2123-30) this adds a punch of colour…but can also be painted out over time if needed.

As for the sofa colour, you are completely open-taupe, charcoal, chocolate, black, purple…you name it!

Are you re-designing your basement? If so, come visit us at the store with pictures/samples of your space and our staff will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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