Gray love…

Gray* a fav colour for painting cabinets and furniture.

You’ll never look at gray the same way again. This spectacular anthology of the understated side of the color palette possesses a surprising amount of nuance and life, due to the variety of brown, blue and green undertones it contains.  Come and pick up a tester pot to try one out today!

Some new gray‘s by Benjamin Moore, from the Color Stories Collection.

9 thoughts on “Gray love…

  1. Hello I am somewhat confused on which color to paint my small bathroom. It has kohler Country Gray sink, tub/shower, and toilet with a travertine tile floor (light in color). I painted my 1980s vanity a matte black. I have had blues and peach in the room before and am needing help with a new direction. I really need some help and don’t want to go back with any blues! Any suggestions? Sandy

  2. HI-I absolutely gray paint. Can you tell me the upper and lower paint color in the 2nd picture(small bathroom with a sink) or the original source.


  3. We are moving into our first home. The current colors are LOUD! I want to paint the kitchen cabinets gray and the walls a pale blue. My goal is transitional colors for the entire home with blue tones; however, I’m lost on what to choose b/c there are so many choices!!

    First Time Home Buyer that wants peaceful colors

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