Monica’s apartment

This is for the “Friends” fans out there.  The television show ended in 2004, but we thought we would do a throw back to Monica’s apartment.

We had a customer ask for us to find her the colour purple from Monica’s apartment on Friends. So of course we couldn’t say no 🙂

Purple & turquoise are the pop colours in this apartment/set, everything else is very neutral and creamy…this is a good rule when using such intense shades.

Believe it or not, purple + turquoise is still a popular combination today.

Our paint suggestions from above:

1.  2071-40 crocus petal purple  2. OC-44 misty air  3. 2048-40 poolside blue

If you would like to frame your door’s peep hole, there is a company that actually makes the frames. Click here.

3 thoughts on “Monica’s apartment

  1. I appreciate and love the suggestions. My opinion is that while crocus petal purple is a beautiful color, it does not nearly match the actual color from Monica’s apartment. Crocus petal purple seems much darker. On a quest to achieve something similar to the walls in her apartment, a long stretch but it’ll be fun to play around with some colors.. Thank you!!

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