multi coloured cabinets

If you are considering painting your kitchen cabinets, think outside of the box.  The lower and upper cabinets do not need to match.  In fact, sometimes painting the lower cabinets in a darker tone and the upper cabinets in a white/off white can visually add height to your room. This may even be a solution if your cabinets are already painted white and you are looking for a change.

deep blue and white cabinets benjamin moore painters placeUpper cabinets: CC-40 Cloud White Lower cabinets: CC-780 Kensington Blue

charcoal and cream cabinets benjamin moore painters placeUpper cabinets: CC-50 White Down Lower cabinets: 2121-10 Gray

cream and teal cabinets-benjamin moore painters placeUpper cabinets: OC-9 Ballet White Lower cabinets: CC-756 Avalon

gray and white cabinets benjamin moore painters placeUpper cabinets: OC-65 Chantilly Lace Lower cabinets: 2134-40 Whale Gray

Another way to change things up is to have an island painted in a darker tone such as expresso or a bold colour like yellow (shown below).

expresso island painters placeFor a dark expresso brown like the island above, we suggest 2114-10 Bittersweet Chocolate by Benjamin Moore.

yellow island painters placeThis fun yellow painted island above is un-expected and easy to repaint over time. We suggest 2024-40 Yellow Finch by Benjamin Moore.

3 thoughts on “multi coloured cabinets

  1. I love these ideas, have had painted cupboards for quite some time. What finish do you suggest? I tried satin last time but had some problems with the application and I’ve not been very happy with the finished product. Also what type of brushes or rollers are recommended? Thanks

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