DIY painted stripes

Designer Darlene Paradis of At Home Interior Design wanted to create a series of stripes using 4 paint colours, running across 2 walls in a 4 yr old boys bedroom. With the help of Meg Carr-Braint of Spaces Design, they completed the project in one day.


Darlene’s colour palette ties together so many of the elements in this space, such a great way to layer in pattern. The base coat is painted in a simple neutral, Benjamin Moore’s HC-81 Manchester Tan. sm-paint-chips-benjamin-moore

Benjamin Moore colours from left: HC-81 Manchester TanCC-530 Brandon BeigeCC-790 Polar SkyCC-814 Glace BayCC-216 Butter Milk process-chopsticks




The biggest tip*

frog-tape-multi-surface-24mmWithout the use of Frog Tape, this project would have never turned out so perfect. Every line was clean and crisp.


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