Celebrating Canada…with red and white eye candy!

 Happy Canada Day!

We thought we would share Canadian love with some ode to Canada. Let’s enjoy some red and white design!

aac906cd0fff83acffa4a4a054ae58d9This all white room is grounded by the tan accents and rug, but it’s the red chairs, artwork and flowers that really make it pop.

1d68230dc643f4d0e38a7ff8c7aca997This commercial space is all white, including the floor…but this round sofa in red really draws the eyes in.


Red in a living room and bedroom are warm and cozy, white furniture makes it crisp and spicy.


f94d72499028c8cfee1a3f15419e0d08Even just painting a door red and having a few accents can really live in up an all white room.


7217578ac09047bf54cb433958cd1ed8Deep reds have always been a favourites for dining rooms.

30ff16f7d1f2596584e4fa47828cf4c3We love this gender neutral nursery paint combination of white and red, just a little aqua can soften up too. Shown above Milano Red 1313.


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