A White Nursery


When new parents are in the fortunate position of being able to chose a color to paint the nursery, we often don’t consider white to be in the running. But why?

The notable thing about this collection of white nurseries is how different each one is. White can go modern or vintage, masculine or glam, minimal or soft and cozy. It’s the perfect backdrop for any combination of wood tones, textiles, and accessories. White is so classic and so versatile! And we know you’ll say that white shows everything and is impossible to keep clean, but we can tell you from personal experience that crayons, dirty hands, juice, and boogers show on aqua, grey, chartreuse, yellow, and mocha walls. If anything, the darker the paint color, the more likely it is to rub off or discolor when cleaned. So tell us, is white an option you’d consider?

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