AphroChic Wallpaper by Graham & Brown

apch_id_main_bw-copy3We are loving this new wallpaper collection from Graham & Brown called AphroChic!

screen-shot-2012-08-14-at-11-56-38-am vibe-wallpaper_low-reshdstyle15z-d_071511AphroChic began in 2007 – the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason. AphroChic became a place for Jeanine, a former policy attorney, and Bryan, a Ph.D. student, to escape the stresses of work and share their passion for culture and design.  This African American perspective to the design scene is brilliant, it is colourful and graphic…something most rooms are craving!


Reflection: Black & White by AphroChic


Juju: Pink & Silver by AphroChic


The Beat: Cerulean by AphroChic

AphroChic Wallpaper by Graham & Brown


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