True Blues

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.42.38 PMWe’re cool and calm with Benjamin Moore‘s “blues” palette. How would you tame the light with these hues in your home?

1518642_10152896075381323_3769225770519590400_nLike a water oasis, a bold color can stand out in your home’s natural color scheme.

C_PalmSp_Bedroom_0131_5htGG 10636250_10152896075326323_6886659768462791326_nUse a twilight azure as the calming backdrop for intense accessories in your space. 

10606045_10152896075286323_2530125780604052503_nPalmSprings_6Warm up a cool space with alternating colors to play with the natural light.

10386824_10152896075721323_2941140997929515045_nA hint of color can completely transform the light inside and out.


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