Does Your Front Door Say Hello?

Looking for a fun project this summer? One that can transform the exterior of your home in less than $40? Paint your front door. It’s easy and the results are amazing.

19511241_10155621287196323_6612256807006735857_nEvery day is bright when you open the door to English Scone.

19554155_10155621287021323_3352029894295812694_n Keep your home fresh with a coat of Aura Grand Entrance in Tavern Door.

19437365_10155621286876323_3337462413284400521_n  Give a warm welcome to the whole neighborhood with Claret Rose 2008-20.



Good news! Our 20% OFF Arborcoat Stain SALE  will be extended until June 27th! Be sure to come in and get some!!

You will most likely need more than one gallon for your exterior jobs, so this is the perfect time!

The colours are endless and choosing more than one tone can be exciting.

Example: Deck surface stained in a cedar tone and vertical surfaces (spindles/railing) in charcoal or dark taupe.


Not sure where to start? Watch this video from Cityline