Colour Feature – Dark Green


Dark green is a colour that has been known to go in and out of style over the years…but this new version of deep greens is timeless. Many people have been obsessing over Benjamin Moore’s colour 686 Crisp Romaine because it can work in traditional, transitional and modern spaces. Dark green stands for balance, nature, spring, and rebirth. It’s the symbol of prosperity, freshness, and progress.

What happens to your body in the presence of green? Your pituitary gland is stimulated. Your muscles are more relaxed. It’s also been shown to improve reading ability and creativity.

The colour green is the colour of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety.

Dark green is also commonly associated with money. Traditionally associated with finances, banking, ambition, and wall street. Green is soothing, relaxing, and youthful.

The paint colour featured here is 686 Crisp Romain by Benjamin Moore

Colour Feature – Tan

The colour tan makes an excellent backdrop and for accompanying bright colours to appear richer and brighter.

Use tan to convey a feeling of warmth, honesty, and wholesomeness. Although found in nature year-round, golden brown is often considered a spring and fall colour. 
It is more casual than black, tan is dependable, conservative, and flexible. The attributes and meanings associated with tan change based on the colours it accompanies. Tan can give off a feeling of understated elegance. 

Additional words for fan would be buff, camel, oatmeal, sand, ecru, mushroom.

This paint colour featured is HC-37 Mystic Gold by Benjamin Moore

Colour Feature – Peach

Peach is the perfect mix of colours, red is filled with energy and stimulation, and yellow is responsible for happiness and cheerfulness. Peach is happy, it’s stimulating with a big dose of clarity.

When it comes to our interiors, peach has a great impact on our well being. A soft, calm peach room creates a sense of stability and security. Bright shades of peach, do the opposite and improve your mood. Its an optimistic colour and will increase your level of happiness.

Fill a room with positive energy and vitality to create a warm and romantic atmosphere by painting the walls or ceiling in peach. It’s flexible and adopts to many different styles, especially in modern interiors. 
You will often see peach paired with its opposite colour teal for high contrast and pop. Or often as a contrast with black and white.

Peach moonstones support the heart and stimulates the mind, soothing worry and anxiety. They bring out the best out of people and promote the divine in all situations. They are a known emotional supporter for intuitive or sensitive children. Hold one of these stones to deflect negative energy and ease emotional traumas.

The paint colour featured 067 Del Ray Peach by @benjaminmoore

Colour Feature – Seafoam

Sea foam is gentle, soothing and intuitive.

Sea foam is the softest mix of pale green, blue and gray…but looks more green. It’s youthful and innocent and represents renewal.


Seafoam is refreshing like a rolling wave in the ocean, it gets its name from the froth found in ocean water. 
In colour therapy seafoam is a great colour to balance emotions and promote clarity. 

Use this colour to relax in your home, particularly in the bathroom, laundry room or kitchen because of its water element.

Seafoam creates a calming bedroom environment as well. It also makes the perfect gender neutral colour for a baby nursery.

  • The paint colour featured here is 2050-60 Arctic Blue by @benjaminmoore.

Colour Feature ~ Hunter Green

2050-10 Salamander

Hunter Green promotes harmony and creates restful rooms in the home. This deep green is associated with growth, safety, and helps to create a cozy environment. It is a natural and ideal backdrop in our homes because we as humans are so used to seeing it everywhere. Paint your bedroom in a matte hunter green, juxtaposed by crisp white accessories.

Green is at the centre of the colour spectrum and our eye requires no adjustment to it, therefore green is a colour of balance. Green has a fun sense of hope, adventure, and renewal to it, as well as self-control and compassion.

It is associated to renewal and hope, growth and rebirth. It reminds me of spring, the season when all of the plants are coming back to life with fresh growth and life after the cold winter months.

The paint colour featured here is 2050-10 Salamander by @benjaminmoore


A note from Colour Expert & Interior Designer Meg Quasim

“We are all looking for some balance in our life and a deep green does just that. Open your heart to green and use it at whichever level makes you feel comfortable. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, make yours green to begin with.”

Meg Quasim

2054-20 Beau Green

This color is part of Benjamin Moore’s Color Preview Collection. This collection contains bold hues and saturated deeps. The brand has also released its Color Trends 2019, a palette of hues, ranging from neutrals to rich blues and greens, that all complement each other. Whether you choose to go bold in an entryway by pairing gray with navy or use the gray shade with a mix of other neutrals in a living room, the curated palette is sure to spark paint ideas.

The soft power of brass fixtures and honeyed wood finds serenity against a bold backdrop of Beau Green 2054-20 and Hale Navy HC-154, each from our Color Trends 2019 palette. #ColorTrends2019
Beau Green
An accent wall in brilliant Beau Green 2054-20, from our Color Trends 2019 palette, delivers a touch of glamour when paired with gleaming metallics. #ColorTrends2019

Cambria Paint Match Tool

Did you know that Benjamin Moore and Cambria have joined forces to make designer colour selections easy. With millions of colors available, it may seem overwhelming to find just the right shades for your kitchen. This tool will help you see the big picture to choose colors that add contrast, create a mood, and generate harmony.

Benjamin Moore’s design experts have paired wall covering shades to every Cambria design, allowing you to match your Cambria designs to paint colours that are as beautiful as the counters themselves.

Now with more than 100 designs to choose from, Cambria is the industry leader in quartz countertops.

Cambria and Benjamin Moore share the same deep commitment to quality and color innovation, with a constant and consistent focus on future design trends. To find the perfect Benjamin Moore colour for your kitchen or bathroom, CLICK HERE

Colour Feature ~ Black

Colour Featured: Black Satin  2131-10 by 
Benjamin Moore

Black is a mysterious color that is typically associated with embracing the unknown. It promotes a sense of power and self-confidence, allowing for a clearer view of the world. Black absorbs all colour and it is the absence of light. In colour therapy black gives protection from external emotional stress.

Black helps with anxiety and it helps you to feel safe and secure, the perfect colour for a bedroom or family room. The energy of the planet is chaotic but the colour black always feel firmly grounded.

Black doesn’t have to be on every wall to get the look, a feature wall behind a bed or tv works well too. It will create a statement and a focal point in the room.

This paint colour featured is 2131-10 Black Satin by Benjamin Moore.

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