Colour Feature Sunday – Tan

The colour tan makes an excellent backdrop and for accompanying bright colours to appear richer and brighter.

Use tan to convey a feeling of warmth, honesty, and wholesomeness. Although found in nature year-round, golden brown is often considered a spring and fall colour. 
It is more casual than black, tan is dependable, conservative, and flexible. The attributes and meanings associated with tan change based on the colours it accompanies. Tan can give off a feeling of understated elegance. 

Additional words for fan would be buff, camel, oatmeal, sand, ecru, mushroom.

This paint colour featured is HC-37 Mystic Gold by Benjamin Moore

A Neutral Palette For Boys Bedrooms

When it comes to painting boys bedrooms, it can be hard to find a nice tone that will both match accessories and be grounding to the room. It’s all about finding those perfect neutral tones, that will go with the bold and bright colours.

2109-20 Hearthstone Brown, HC-45 Shaker Beige, CC-362 Elk, CC-770 Denim Wash,    HC-113 Louisburg Green, 2067-20 Starry Night Blue, CC-840 Blue Heron, HC-169 Coventry Gray.   All colours by  Benjamin Moore.


*click on image to enlarge.

Do you like any of these rooms and want to get a similar look? Come into our store and bring some colour reference such as bedding, pillows, samples, etc.

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Pantone has showcased Marsala as the official color of 2015 and we’re drunk in love with this wine-inspired hue. The possibilities are endless, perfect for a romantic dining scene, creating a living room into a space that you actually want to live in, give your entryway a facelift, or maybe you are looking to be bold in the bedroom, marsala can do it all.

pantone-marsala-x-1 IndiaTv10eed2_marsala-colour-home-decor-1 backdrop-be1dc6-1024x682-1

Painting a faux wood wall

before pic of baby D's room

It’s amazing what paint can do!

This plain looking spare bedroom really needed a lift before it became a baby boys nursery.  Mom and Dad wanted a wood wall, but for re-sale purposes didn’t see it as a good idea. Our friends at Spaces Design created this wall with painters tape, two tones of paint, and some water.

wood wall after pic

Click here for full instructions.

chocolate wallpaper

We love getting feedback and “after” pictures from customers.

Your basement family room turned out great Diana, thank you for the photos.

If you would like more info regarding these papers, come into the store and we will show you.


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These rooms were done by one of our fav guys, David Ottenbrite from Doctor Decor.