Trending Tuesday 04.30.19

For the wallpaper fanatics out there, here’s a new one to try; Agate wallpaper! Agate is a mineral rock, and part of the Quartz family. No wonder its a stunning and glamorous pattern! With its jewel tones or subtle tones mixed with metallics, in an organic pattern, there is no going wrong with these boldContinue reading “Trending Tuesday 04.30.19”

#StaffPickMonday 03.26.19

This week we have a very special #staffpickmonday from Liam, a lovely violet called Yukon Sky (CC-690) 🔮☀️ This week, Liam returns to Yukon with his wildfire firefighting team. We will miss him here and wish him the best of luck! 💜

A Mauv-e-lous retreat

This stunningly beautiful bedroom was designed by Brian Gluckstein for the Princess Margaret Lottery Show Home.  The mauve, gray and cream colour scheme combination inspired us. FROM LEFT: 2113-50 mauve desert, CSP-1035 ice milk, AF-685 thunder, 2116-60 touch of gray

Using 2017’s Colour Of The Year

Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Colour of the Year is 2117-30 Shadow, its moody purple hue with a hint of gray undertone. Wondering how to use this colour in your home without painting your walls? Designer Meg from Design Your Joy has selected 10 accessories in this colour. This board (above) is by Design Your Joy, visit site for sourcing list.

Mixing Up Some Beet

This year is all about flaunting brilliant colors found in the natural world. We are loving Beet’s saturated red-cast purple connotes high fashion and pairs well with everything from creamy white to bright green—like that found in its leafy tops. Pulling The Perfect Hue From The Fabric It can be hard finding the perfect shades ofContinue reading “Mixing Up Some Beet”

Color Trends 2015

We feel royalty with Benjamin Moore’s majestic #ColorTrends2015 “berry” palette. What regal colors would you bring to your favorite rooms? Welcome your guests with a regal hallway with Cinnamon Slate 2113-40 Aura Matte. Carry on tradition with a twist, bringing Carter Plum CW-355 Aura Eggshell to an elegant living space. A room fit for a queen orContinue reading “Color Trends 2015”

A Unexpected Outdoor Colour

Purple isn’t a colour we usually see outside in paint and accessories, but it’s all over in plants and flowers. Here are some reasons why you may want to introduce this lovely hue to your exterior.   If you have a neutral home and are looking for a fun front door colour, look no further…purpleContinue reading “A Unexpected Outdoor Colour”

Grape Purple

 Juicy grapes and berries, freshly pressed into luscious, rich purples. From left: CSP-460 Pinot Grigio Grape, CSP-465 Purplicious, CSP-470 Elderberry Wine High gloss grape cabinets add such a glamous pop to this library. Wallpapering the back of cabinets is the perfect finishing touch. The tone on tone purple drapes and walls is what creates the perfect backdrop to this glam livingContinue reading “Grape Purple”