CSP-750 Porch Swing

Today’s feature colour is CSP-750 Porch Swing by Benjamin Moore. It’s a teal and it’s a charcoal and it’s perfectly cozy for autumn. Since today’s feature colour is CSP-750 Porch Swing, it’s easy to blend into almost any colour scheme. In this colour combination the accent colour is a turquoise 2049-40 Peacock Blue by @benjaminmooreContinue reading “CSP-750 Porch Swing”

Q & A Thursday: Living Room Transformation

Q & A: How can I transform the living room of my boring beige condo with paint and accessories only? I really liked one of your posts from yesterday that used teal, gold and muted red. This is my living room, excited for any suggestions. Thanks, Mindy from Oakville,ON The Design Styleboard was created by designer Meg Carr-BraintContinue reading “Q & A Thursday: Living Room Transformation”