Colour Feature – Seafoam

Sea foam is gentle, soothing and intuitive.

Sea foam is the softest mix of pale green, blue and gray…but looks more green. It’s youthful and innocent and represents renewal.


Seafoam is refreshing like a rolling wave in the ocean, it gets its name from the froth found in ocean water. 
In colour therapy seafoam is a great colour to balance emotions and promote clarity. 

Use this colour to relax in your home, particularly in the bathroom, laundry room or kitchen because of its water element.

Seafoam creates a calming bedroom environment as well. It also makes the perfect gender neutral colour for a baby nursery.

  • The paint colour featured here is 2050-60 Arctic Blue by @benjaminmoore.

winter mint…

ac3a6b2c3e98b18de8c76dea5ebad619This tone is the perfect backdrop to neutral tones.

7e855ddb3e7a6d406e8aec89bb1208f5We love this elegant wallpaper in tone on tone shades of green/blue.

a7d9c9a55ee8be6d411e06596cd3544bThe walls and millwork painted out in blue/green gives this space a modern feel.

9c423f63a38576a244c6d564b686ec93Another way to bring in this fantastic wintery mind is in accessories such as these pillows.

d81ab665b09b86124cac67eb7e205a79This teal like tones is more green than blue, giving it a rich luxurious look and feel.

Looking For A Fresh Look In Your Living Or Dining Room?

It’s not hard to use bright colours in a traditional space.  Use a pillow or piece of furniture for inspiration. The contrast of the green/blue against the heat of the coral under-toned orange; really create a fresh summer look. You can then leave the walls a nice calming neutral, especially in the cream family.

For this look try:

1.  HC-138 “Covington Blue” by Benjamin Moore.

2. 2170-30 “Autumn Cover” by Benjamin Moore.

3. OC-10 “White Sand” by Benjamin Moore.

Tiru Teal & Tori Wallpaper

Graham & Brown’s Colour Of The Year 2019 is a rich teal Tiru.  This colour was chosen from their Tori Teal Wallpaper.

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 12.32.42 PM

In Eastern Art, birds are also an important and popular form of imagery and symbolism, signifying longevity, luck and love.

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 1.17.44 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 12.33.08 PM

Tori depicts an exquisite Chinoiserie bird trail, delicately hand painted and worked into a fine silk texture. Produced in a deep regal teal on a luxurious fibrous textured Oriental paper with a subtle glistening.

Tori celebrates tranquility, good luck and longevity!


With undertones of blue, gray, and green, this calming paint color helps to create a relaxing space in your home, promoting mindfulness and introspection. Aura® Exterior uses our exclusive Color Lock and Gennex® technologies. The result? Rich, vibrant color and remarkable durability.


Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 12.05.35 AM

Siding: White Dove OC-17, Aura® Exterior, Flat // Gate: Turquoise Powder 2057-50, Aura® Grand Entrance®, Satin // Shutters: Turquoise Powder 2057-50, Aura® Exterior, Satin // Windows, Frames & Trim: Night Horizon 2134-10, Aura® Exterior, Satin // Mahogany Doors: Oxford Brown ARBORCOAT®, Semi-Transparent

Teal Tales…

Teal is back, with a big dose of fun and creativity.  

It is a simple blue/green tone, which can be more blue or more green.  Opposite on the colour wheel to a deep orange, no wonder why the two are often used together in a colour scheme.  We also love it paired with a crisp creamy white for a more modern feel.  How do you like your teal?

A bold ceiling in Adobe Orange (2171-30) from the Colour Preview collection, Benjamin Moore.

Teal, cream and brown…what a great classic colour combination.  

Galapagos Turquoise 2057-20

Colour doesn’t need to be permanent, for a temporary solution why not paint panels in teal and mount them on a wall?

A high-gloss finish is becoming more and more popular, the french have been using it for years and it’s such a dramatic effect.  

For this look try Benjamin Moore’s 2054-30 Venezuelan Sea in Advance High-Gloss.

If you find teal too strong for the whole space, try a grayer version of teal on only one wall.

( HC-160 Knoxville Gray) against a crisp creamy white (try OC-117 Simply White).

Adore Mag- Benjamin Moore North 2053-40 Sea Green Peacock blue teal walls paint color