That 70’s Colour

That 70’s Show aired from 1998 to 2006, and really captured the classic seventies kitchen ‘look’ with a nice lime green in the kitchen. Home to the Forman family and crashed by Eric’s friends, the Foreman house always had some shenanigans under its roof.

Key Lime (2031-50)

Benjamin Moore’s “Key Lime” is a similar green that pairs well with vintage wallpaper, white trim, and tequila!

Full House of Colour

Full House is a 90’s classic with an interesting family dynamic! Like any house, the kitchen is at the heart of their very ‘full house’ and has a beautiful lilac feature wall amidst the natural wood cabinets. Some beautiful Benjamin Moore purples that match include:

It’s Arrested Development

Whether they’re serving a delicious feast of hot ham water or burning themselves on the Cornballer, the Bluth family kitchen has seen it all. It’s warm wooden cabinets is well complimented with a very neutral tone grey similar to Benjamin Moore’s Grey Owl. It is a warm grey with a slight blue-green undertone in some lightings and is perfect for open spaces like kitchens and entranceways!

Grey Owl (OC-52/2137-60)

Gilmore Girls DIY: Luke’s Colour Palette

Straight from the heart of Star’s Hollow lies Luke’s, painted in a soft cool palette. Use Benjamin Moore’s Mill Springs Blue to get a similar deep teal paired with Evening Dove in a durable cabinet paint to match that navy tone.