Choosing Accent Colours

Once you have chosen the perfect colour for your walls, it’s time to figure out the accent colour.

We suggest bringing in at least 3 elements in the room that have that accent colour; pillows, lamps, artwork, furniture, drapes, rugs, etc…

Not sure which direction to go? Below are some ideas to get you started. Enjoy!

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Simply White Deals To 30% Off Until December 31st

Talk about Fabulous Sales! Instead of the Traditional “Black Friday” Sales that happen throughout the USA and Canada, we decided at our little holiday soiree we would host a “Simply White Wednesday!” Now those are some good deals on all of this simple decor.

Starting this week to get you in the holiday mood, we are improving our Simply White Deals to 30% Off until December 31st! Come and get it while its hot.

Cupid’s Gourmet Bakery

Who doesn’t love those little gingerbread sweets that come out around this time of year? Or even more so who doesn’t just love something sweet? Cupid’s Gourmet Bakery outdid themselves with those beautiful and oh so tasty treats and goodies. We want to extend our sincerest thanks to Nikki from Cupids Cupcakes for all the hard work her and her team did this year in making our event even tastier than we ever could have expected. They are the best place to go if you’re ever craving that little something sweet. We would also like to say a big thank you to Provincial Wallpaper for sponsoring this table, and for also giving out those hot coupons!
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