For The Love Of Grasscloth

Sometimes a wallpaper pattern isn’t what a room needs…it’s texture. Grasscloth offers a natural and cozy feel like no other, come into the store and browse our grasscloth books…so many different colour’s and designs! Grasscloth is the perfect statement to make in an entrance or foyer, it’s rich, textural and inviting. Grasscloth can also beContinue reading “For The Love Of Grasscloth”

It’s Golden.

Our love for golden shades in wallpaper are more than just their beauty, their reflective quality can make your space look larger. The light bounces off of these papers and adds the depth you may normally only get from a mirror or window. Below are some prints we love and see remaining classic. Browse, enjoyContinue reading “It’s Golden.”

Modern Wallpaper Patterns

There are so many modern + edgy patterned wallpapers out there, here are a few we love from Graham & Brown. Book: The Vibe-Saffron & Pink wallpaper Book: Soprano-Teal wallpaper Book: Carnival by Hemingway Book: Dixie- Silver & White Wallpaper *We can order you samples for you to try out from Graham & Brown, come intoContinue reading “Modern Wallpaper Patterns”

NEW * in-stock wallpaper 10%off

Even though we have new inventory of in-stock wallpaper, we love our customers so much that we are still going to offer our SALE of 10% off. This sale goes until the end of the month, so don’t miss it. It’s a pretty amazing selection, so come in and let us cut you a freeContinue reading “NEW * in-stock wallpaper 10%off”

Wallpaper Wednesday

This week, it’s Wallpaper THURSDAY. We were getting two new books in, so we wanted to wait to share them with you. From SOLITAIRE, we have a warm, golden damask with just a hint or sparkle. Paired with: CC-240 Late Wheat, CC-250 Seaspray, and OC-17 White Dove

Wallpaper Wednesday

I must have taken over a dozen photos of this paper – with flash, without, in natural light and in a back corner of the store. Not one can do the depth of colour any justice. The richness of the purple is stunning! The bold pattern makes a statement but the tone on tone doesn’tContinue reading “Wallpaper Wednesday”

Wallpaper Wednesday

Wow is it a cold one today! All bundled up and cold, our minds drifted to thoughts of spring and all the beautiful flowers we can’t wait to see. There is no waiting for spring flowers with this wonderful magnolia wallpaper from our friends at Crown Wallcoverings. From the book ‘Blooms’ by Ashford House, weContinue reading “Wallpaper Wednesday”