a little boy’s paradise

This modern transit pattern is from the wallpaper book ”Kids World”.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colours from left to right:

2029-30 rosemary green, 2024-40 yellow finch, 2058-50 aquarium blue,  HC-169 coventry gray, 2012-20 flame, 2121-10 gray

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Benjamin Moore Paint Colours from left to right:

2058-50 aquarium blue, HC-169 coventry gray, 2067-40 blue lapis, 2001-10 ruby red, 2121-10 gray

today’s designer fav -Karim Rashid’s modern wallpaper

Designer Karim Rashid is enigmatic, and his futuristic style is changing design as we know it . He pushes boundaries, and rarely uses a straight light so his patterns are often fluid and give you that feel good feeling.  The following are 2 patterns we thought we would highlight from his wallpaper book.

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Benjamin Moore colours from left to right:  AF-500 atmospheric, 2071-60 lily lavender, 2049-50 spectra blue, 2122-70 snow white, 2052-70 ice blue

Benjamin Moore colours from left to right: 2021-50 yellow lotus, 2146-40 pale avocado, 2079-40 springtime bloom, 2122-50 iceberg

staff fav* meg’s picks

These are a few of Meg’s selections, she is loving the mix of purple/blue tones with turquoise.

Pattern from the wallpaper book Soleil by Crown.

Pattern from the wallpaper book Clarke & Clarke Showstoppers by Crown.

These 2 above patterns are from the wallpaper book Amy Butler.

Paint Colours from left to right:  2068-50 victorian trim2068-30 scandinavian blue,  2047-70 baby green2047-50 store house green.

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chocolate wallpaper

We love getting feedback and “after” pictures from customers.

Your basement family room turned out great Diana, thank you for the photos.

If you would like more info regarding these papers, come into the store and we will show you.


Looking for a professional wallpaper hanger in Oakville or Mississauga?

These rooms were done by one of our fav guys, David Ottenbrite from Doctor Decor.

once upon a time…

It’s not just the fairy tales that have us captivated with tv show ‘Once Upon A Time‘.

The set designers pay special attention to the backgrounds, using wallpaper to help tell the story of the characters.

mayor’s office

Eco-chic birch paper

mad hatter’s house

Jefferson’s house (the mad hatter) is a Printer’s Guild book called ‘Moda’ and the pattern is called ‘arabian trellis’

the diner

Elixir by graham & brown and it’s the mirage: charcoal