a set of autumn coloured prints

We love these prints – they are an interesting shape and have a great texture to them. And the floating shelves they are displayed on are great for moving around artwork without putting too many holes in your wall!


Earth tone inspired colour palette

Welcoming Charm

This porch’s warm palette evokes a welcoming aura that’s perfect for entertaining guests or lounging away in summer. The richmond gold (HC-41) floor color complements the finely-crafted front door and blends nicely with the house’s clarksville gray (HC-102) body color. The immaculate off-white trim lends the perfect touch for a clean overall look.

A red front door

Eye-Catching Allure

Accentuating the vivid color of the flowers and creating a welcoming visual presence, the eye-catching pomegranate(AF-295) front door makes an unforgettable first impression. Its splendid contrast with the neutral timber wolf (1600) body color and the classic snowfall white (OC-118) trim dramatically livens up the overall look of the house.

back deck stain ideas

Add some drama to a deck with different tones of stain.  We gave this outdoor room a classic feel with a warm charcoal stain (2134-30 Iron Mountain) and to keep the look fresh we stained the floor of the deck in a soft taupe that compliments the brick well (CC-490 Stone Hearth). To warm up the look we stained the bench and shelf in a transparent stain in (Teak).