Interior Paint

A best in class performer.
With Colour Lock technology for richer colours.
Extreme hide to cover dark colours and imperfections.

A trusted name for more than 50 years.
Durability to stand up to the abuse of everyday life.
Easy clean-up and great scrubbability.

An easy solution for flawless results.
Easy application.
Good durability and washability.

Protecting your walls.
All the benefits of Aura and more.
Mildew resistant for a fresh look that lasts.
A matte finish that lasts.

A leader in green technology.
Certified asthma and allergy friendly.
Our greenest paint, as to VOCs and emissions.

A furniture-like finish for interior woodwork.
Cures to a hard, durable finish.
Ideal for interior trim, doors, and cabinetry.

A flawless look for your ceilings.
Ultra-flat finish to hide ceiling imperfections.
Easy application that resists splattering.

Resists scuffing before it starts.
Delivers superior scuff-resistance.

A new dimension in paint.
Small batch paint available in 75 pre-mixed colours.
The first paint with a Soft-Touch Matte Finish.

Exterior Paints

A premium, latex enamel for exterior floors.
Resists marring, scratching, soaps, detergent, grease and oil.
Can be used on multiple surfaces.

A best-in-class performer.
With Colour Lock technology for superior fade resistance.
Outstanding durability.

A luxurious finish for doors and trim.
Durable enamel that cures to a rich, lustrous finish.
Formulated to retain colour integrity and gloss.

An easy solution for flawless results.
Easy application.
Good coverage and durability.

Exterior Stain

A premium stain that enhances and protects.
Superior durability and UV protection.
Resistant to stains, scuff abd mildew.

Stop by for an expert opinion on which product suits your projects best.

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