Store Happenings

New this Month

Heres the lowdown…

General Sales

  • Arborcoat and Penofin gallons are 15% off!!
  • Dynamic scrub and stain brushes are 15% off
  • Wooden poles are 15% off
  • Get 50% off a tester kit when you purchase a tester
  • 20% off Instock Wallcoverings

Contractor Sales

  • Arborcoat gallons are 30% off
  • Penofin gallons are 20% off
  • An additional 5% discount on Paint Pal brushes, wooden poles, Dynamic scrub brushes, and Shure-Line products.

*more details in-store

Business As Usual

These sales and promos stick around! Be sure to take advantage of them.

  • Our VIP card costs $25.00 per year, but could offer much more in savings.
  • Gives you an exclusive a 13% discount on most of our items.

  • New to Painters Place is the Goodlife Fitness discount.
  • This deal gives you 15% off most items* in store.
  • Be sure to have your pass with you!
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