New* In-Stock Wallpaper

This collection of wallpapers were carefully selected by our colour and design experts at Painters Place.


The mood of these wallpapers are mellow, a mix of modern, rustic with tropical undertones.

*Tip: Wallpaper at least a wall and transform your home with the use of patterns and colours.

It’s Golden.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 2.06.43 AM

Our love for golden shades in wallpaper are more than just their beauty, their reflective quality can make your space look larger. The light bounces off of these papers and adds the depth you may normally only get from a mirror or window.

Below are some prints we love and see remaining classic. Browse, enjoy and come look at our collection of wallpaper books in the store. Nothing transforms a room like wallpaper.









Believe it or not, but wallpaper is back like never before. New textures, modern colours, and bold designs have led to a wallpaper revival not just among homeowners but also with interior designers, architects and design buffs. But it is not just the aesthetic appeal of wallpaper, which has led to the increased interest in wallcovering, some of the other benefits include:

  • easy care – modern wallpapers are washable, durable and wear well
  • economical – today’s wallpapers have a lifespan 10+ years
  • colourfast – most wallpapers have the ability to resist change of loss of colour caused by exposure to light
  • quick installation – one coat of wallpaper is all you need
  • covers flaws in the wall surface that paint can’t
  • protects the wall surface
  • easy installation and replacement

Painting the outside of an old claw foot tub

Exciting, re-inventive and limitless colour options. Painting the outside of your claw foot tub is a lot easier than you many think.Once you clean the surface, you need to get a primer coat down as soon as possible. This is particularly true with a sandblasted tub. Exposed cast iron can begin to show signs of surface rust within hours of exposure.

We recommend having the claw foot tub feet sandblasted. They have so much detail that is so difficult to clean out and the results are almost always worth the extra effort to find a sandblaster. Again, make certain to get a primer coat on them as soon as possible to prevent rust from starting.
Find the colour you would like, we recommend using Aura or Regal for best results and durability.

35184440809153177_JSspFQVM_cSarah Richardson is a queen of colour, you gotta love the way she pulls colour from accessories and fabric. This yellow is perfect for a fresh country bathroom.

36239971970978774_nd4OKvXv_cIf you aren’t ready to go wild with colour, try the ever classic black.

70509550385743810_VK4LYxvB_cAs seen in Urban Country Style, “Feel free to have fun with vintage pieces. In this bathroom, an old claw-foot tub was juiced up with orange paint for a more contemporary feel.”



121737996147528304_RROIqCnL_cChoosing an unexpected colour for the bathtub is refreshing, buy a few towels in that colour and it will tie it all together.



200410252137466467_2jRIZ1XS_cPulling colours from your wallpaper is bold and sure to work.

Hand painted goodness

Whether it’s a wall, ceiling or floor…hand painted patterns are always unique and visually stimulating.  It can be a stencil, free hand or projected…your home is your canvas.  If it’s wall’s you are doing, Benjamin Moore has the colour for you and we have your paint.  If you are looking to give your floors a facelift, paint or stain will give you a variety of options.

Be bold, even if it’s only in one room.

dreamful sleeping

Alex’s relaxing bedroom, is painted in an elegant Purple by Benjamin Moore.  Did you know that purple is known as a great color to calm your mind and bring in positive thoughs? Perfect for bedtime.
The deep gray ceiling/accents really heighten the room and ceiling color was matched to her faux fur blanket.