Kelly green

The name kelly green for the color originated in Ireland. The name derives from the fact that the surname Kelly, as well as the color green, are both popular in Ireland. The first recorded use of the term kelly green as a color name in English was in 1917.  Kelly green is most associated with the color you see on St. Patrick’s Day decorations. ItContinue reading “Kelly green”

what spring looks like at our store…

A creamy antique looking weather vane adds a classic touch for any room. These yellow milk jars are the perfect accessory for spring, such a great dose of colour for any table or shelf. We currently have a lot of silver accents for you home, very elegant and shiny. Storage made stylish. A luxurious fauxContinue reading “what spring looks like at our store…”

Hand painted goodness

Whether it’s a wall, ceiling or floor…hand painted patterns are always unique and visually stimulating.  It can be a stencil, free hand or projected…your home is your canvas.  If it’s wall’s you are doing, Benjamin Moore has the colour for you and we have your paint.  If you are looking to give your floors aContinue reading “Hand painted goodness”